Summer Soltice

Dear Yogis and friends,

Today is the summer solstice and the international yoga day as well. What a promise for a bright day right ? I hope you shine in all possible this summer ! Also I thought this would be a perfect moment to connect and give you some of my latest updates.

It’s been such an enchanted three weeks since I arrived in northern California. I was already here last year around summer time and I just so absolutely love coming back to places. It is almost like an inner ritual of pilgrimage and a practice of returning, remembering and reflecting. It’s a way for me to honour, acknowledge and tune into the sacred cycles, rhythms and seasons in my life.

Before coming here I was so hungry for some serious nourishing “Me” time. After a very rich and intense winter & spring, now I was longing to finally slow down, find some rest and integration time. And the universe has orchestrated and responded to my wish in such a perfect way, I could not even have hoped for any better. At the moment I am house sitting a beautiful home with a green lush magical fairytale garden, that has me completely under its spell. I am in awe! Can you imagine, I did not even know how much I could enjoy taking care of plants? This feels so new to me, and is a quite mind blowing thing to
actually discover. I knew that gardening could be therapeutic but I had never actually experienced it! So I am in a very idyllic place, feeling inspired and thriving on so many levels right now.

If you like to hear more about my time here, the sunlight rhythms, and being the guardian of the roses, you can watch my latest vlog video a bit further down this e mail. You’ll also also find all my upcoming yoga retreat in Italy and Morocco, I am so looking forward too those. I would love to see you on one of them for the second half of this sunlight cycle !

May you in your own unique way, connect, attune and celebrate the sunlight today and for the summer, in gratitude for this life-giving energy. And even if it is just for a breath or two may you find a way to pilgrim into your body, your senses and soul for the international yoga day today as well…. So many people around the world are practicing and this is changing the collective consciousness for us all. It’s a powerful thing to sense into and we all can contribute to this energy growing. Exciting time….!!

With love and so much gratitude for our connection