Spring time yoga in the desert

After such a long and cold winter this year I hope you are now fully enjoying the contrast of nature reawakening to Spring… yay yuppie it is here 🙂 finally!!

I noticed contrast in several ways for me in the last couple of months. Coming back home after India, Morocco felt calming, spacious and soothing… as Goa was so much more intense, busy and energising in a way. Then a few weeks after we travelled with a beautiful yoga group to southern Morocco for the desert dream retreat journey. One day as we walked in these stunning open desert landscapes and it was warm and dry, the moment we stopped under a tree, I realised how very precious shade was. How often do we stop and just feel grateful for something that simple? In that moment gratitude was not just a concept in my mind it was a full body experience, it was like every cell in my whole body was bouncing and rejoicing in gratitude for this gift of shade. I was breathing it in and receiving it completely, and my entire skin was drinking in that shade….and with it there was a sense of deep peace, and satisfaction to just be and connection with everything around. There were countless moments like this on this trip and I loved it so much. I really must offert this trip again next year as it is so special !

So, funnily, as I came home two weeks ago after the deep peace experienced in the desert, my home base felt suddenly quite busy and hectic. So here is the thing about contrast. It is through opposing experiences that we are learning and evolving as human beings. If we were never sick we would not seek to learn about being healthy, if we were never tensed, stressed and burnt-out we could not really understand what it is like to enjoy being relaxed and at ease. Basically if we didn’t know the “flavour” of dissatisfaction we could not be able to taste the experience of happiness in such a compleat way.

So let’s continue this dance of contrasts that life is and discover all what we can learn through it.