Sacred Waters Thailand Yoga Retreat: A Journey of Reconnection

The Sacred Waters Thailand yoga retreat was an absolute magic. The moment I stepped back onto Wareerak’s land and bathed in its sacred waters, I felt a deep sense of coming home. Home into myself, feeling part of this enchanted nature. Having spent a month in northern Thailand’s urban environment, I realized how disconnected I could become amidst busy places, filled with traffic, noises, and multiple layered energy fields. The contrast was stark – from feeling scattered and off-center, to arriving in Krabi, where the call of the night bath in the hot spring beckoned.

Arriving tired from the journey, I surrendered to the warm embrace of the pool, surrounded by the symphony of the jungle. All tensions from the past weeks melted away, as if landing straight in a fairytale landscape. After weeks of feeling off-center, this retreat was a powerful reminder of nature’s healing power.

I was especially excited about welcoming the group. Many of them had been on retreats with me multiple times, and it felt like reuniting with precious friends from different corners of the world. Everybody arrived just at the right moment on the first day, and we began with a silent walk through the forest, connecting to the elements.

The week was filled with relaxation, adventures, exploration, and peaceful soaking in the healing waters. It struck the perfect balance between restful moments and discovery of hidden gems like the hot steam waterfall or the emerald pools. We marveled at the wonders of nature, from toads visiting us in the yoga space to geckos and dragonflies.

The food at Wareerak was truly wonderful, a luxury to have a beautiful buffet of healthy meals provided three times a day. The group enjoyed a Thai cooking class, learning about the use of spices and indulging in culinary delights.

As the last day arrived, I felt a pang of sadness that it was already over. That’s why I’ve decided to extend the retreat to two weeks next year, adding one more week at a beautiful beach venue on nearby Koh Lanta Island. Most guests had already added extra days to explore more of Thailand’s beauty, so it made sense to keep the yoga momentum going and prolong the sacred water hot spring yoga experience with blissful beach time.

The dates for next year’s retreat are all set, and I’m eagerly looking forward to running this retreat again. It promises to be another transformative journey of reconnection and rejuvenation. Stay tuned for more details, and join me in embracing the magic of Sacred Waters. 🌊🌴  🧘‍♂️✨