Nature Nurture Me

About 1 month ago I held my first Retreat on my new Homeland, Corfu – ‘Nature Nurture Me’ was a beautiful journey that went much deeper than I had dared dreaming of and turned out to be one of the most nourishing experiences for me as a Facilitator. What felt especially beautiful was the rather small and intimate group of participants, offering everyone the space to fully be themselves and follow their own rhythm. The shared intimacy between us all combined with the beautiful container that the land of Corfu offered to us created a wonderful flavor of easefulness, filling our beings with slow trust and vibrancy.

I started the Retreat with a day dedicated to the Earth element – grounding our intention deep into our roots, the cells of our body and our physical being. We also took time to deeply attune to the natural space around us: connecting with the trees and the insects living on the land, accompanying our week with sweet little hymns and lullabies. The theme of the first day laid the foundation for the seeds that were to blossom within us – each day adding another elemental layer to our practice. Water allowing us to dive deep into our softness, flow and ease; Fire lighting up our being with the power of joy and transformation; Air releasing tension and freeing our breath; and Ether connecting us to the unseen.

Our journey through the elements unfolded very harmoniously and I personally felt very touched by the level of depth the participants as individuals and the group as a collective dared to open up to. With every practice our shared space filled with deeper attunement & connection, and the growing quality of presence was very palpable. For me, there is nothing more beautiful as a teacher than to witness my students coming into deeper contact with themselves… What was also very special for me this time was co-creating with dear friends: One night Sacha gifted us with sharing her beautiful Mantras and Kirtan Music & on Ether-Day Naveen guided us through a beautiful Biodanza journey, a powerful combination between dance and sacred play.

Thank you everyone for allowing me to take you on this exploration, letting nature nurture you. It’s been a real gift for me to see my vision manifest in full sensory form and color <3

Ps: This Video offers a little glimpse into our experience…