Late summer news

It is almost the end of the summer and a sweet change of the weather can be felt in the air. I love this time of the year when it’s still warm but you can sense this subtle shift in Mother Nature getting ready to change gears and turn her attention back inwards. After the full bloom, summer heat and expressive energy of summer, it’s like the yang is getting infused again with more yin and feminine qualities. I so appreciate the blend of the two that happens right in the transition point. It’s like two colours merging into each other creating something special, delicate and new.
We spent July at home in Morocco and all of August here in Italy to start preparing for the birth. It is not long now. The due date is around the corner and we are ready to welcome our baby in this world.
Adapting to all these changes has been a theme all along during this summer. It has been so fulfilling to find ways to flow, dance and grow through the process of pregnancy with serenity by giving myself lots of space to fully enjoy this special time. Learning to be patient with myself and life, constantly reaching new levels of slowing down and trusting the infinite wisdom of nature to guide the way.
My yoga and meditation practice have been a wonderful daily support all along, and are helping me so much to be grounded and balanced in my body and at peace in my mind. As much as I thought I was already following my intuition and feelings in my practice, pregnancy has thought me to get in touch with even deeper connection to the divine feminine aspects. Because every day offers new feelings and sensations to be experienced. I think this is the first time I really gave myself full permission to follow my body instincts to lead the way to what it needs each day. It has been a profound undoing of ideas, techniques, styles and resting more and more into listening, being present with what is. This feels so liberating, natural, simple and ultimately healthy.
In gratitude I bow to this child who is not born yet but already teaching me so much! I am deeply humbled by this journey unfolding.
Life offers us so many precious opportunities to embrace change. We can’t hold on to the vibrancy of summer because its beauty lies in the fact that is going to transform. Just like every one of us.
My wish for you is that your passage through the gateway from summer to autumn may be gentle, offering you ways to turn inwards. May you find ways to slow down enough to feel and sync with natures’ phases and receive her blessings. May this nourish your soul.

With love