Earth salutations

I can’t believe that my personal retreat time in California is already coming to an end so soon now in a few days. Time simply flew by in a blink of an eye!

Being here, has been the most deliciously liberating and bonding time with nature. I spend every morning connecting with the earth and inhabiting my body in my yoga. Then every evening while watering the garden I attune to the plants. As I wanted to share some of this beautiful energy with you I created a new YouTube yoga tutorial video called salutation to the Earth. We live in a time where we all need urgently to be more connected to nature and live a life that is in alignment with its gifts and needs. If we realise that this body of ours is like the earth and that the nature we are part of is not separate from us but is our home, we will make choices and decisions that contribute to our own and the environment healing.

So below is a full length 50 min sequence that is calm, grounding with yummy somatic movements, twists and backbends to enliven and connect you to your body temple. It is a gentle yet intense practice that includes the whole body. If you practice it please let me know your experience with it. I would love to hear from you and while I am inspired to make more videos feel free to send me some request for my next videos, I am having so much fun creating these for you guys

With love and deep appreciation for the nature that holds us all.